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Founded in 1948, Van Gils, is based in Breda, Netherlands. From its inception, Van Gils has offered a tradition of unique, tailored suits and clothing for men. Van Gils believes in innovation and creativity, with inspired looks that reflects the individuality of the wearer. Sometimes controversial, Van Gils demonstrates whimsy yet wearable clothing. A strong belief in providing value in all its products, under-girds Van Gils collections.

No Stitch, No Story ~ is a campaign that exemplifies Van Gils’ philosophy: In living life, men of vision and conviction engage the world with passion and dedication, at times furthering one’s goals, and at times succumbing to life’s challenges … indeed, failure is a necessary condition for success … In this activity, Van Gils maintains that we inherently develop the scars that mark our life. It is in seeing these scars, stitches as they were, as the rungs of a ladder that propel us upward, we yield our individual stories … “no stitch, no story”

Van Gils features suits and jackets with silk linings, paneled with varying colors, trimmed with the details of current season’s collections. This is in keeping with the spirit of individuality. Further, Van Gils adds to its suits and jackets details on its buttons, button holes, and under-collar trims to enhance that sense of whimsy, fun, and uniqueness, yet maintaining a wear-ability acceptable within the corporate setting, special event, or the work setting with broader fashion sense.

Shirts, ties, printed pocket squares, and dress scarves are treated with trim details that excite the man to dress commensurate to his energy level … a mood changer, the innovative use of various fabrics, patterns and textures dares an individual to explore their personality and engages his companions to energy state that enhances the experiences of everyday living.

Van Gils blends the patterns of an era when men were romantic with the graphics of a new age without the dogma of the mundane. Fabrics, Silhouettes, and textures are layered and interplayed in a sophisticated, yet whimsical approach, drawing from the past, yet suiting today’s varied lifestyles.

Launched in Canada in the Fall of 2012 Formans Menswear is exclusive in presenting the Van Gils collection to Calgary

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