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August Stenström quickly developed a wide reaching reputation for making the best, and most fashion forward shirts, and all the most elegantly dressed men wanted a Stenströms shirt. That same year, the first Stenströms factory was built in the heart of Helsingborg.

By 1912, Stenstrom’s success was assured. With 140 employees, Stenstroms boasted Scandinavia’s largest shirt factory. Today, over 100 years later, their reputation for unique quality has spread far beyond the country’s borders. The attention to detail and sense of quality remain unchanged and Stenstrom’s experienced crafts men and women still do most of the sewing by hand, with primarily the cutting of the fabric being fully automated. Each Stenströms shirt undergoes more than 60 separate production stages, 25 on the collar alone, to give it that special feel which is so characteristic of a Stenströms shirt.

Production facilities have been modernized through more than 100 years of operation, but certain operations demand a human touch and simply cannot be automated. Only then can a truly distinctive shirt be made; a shirt that retains its form, elegance and comfort year in and year out. As such, the hand made process is augmented by the latest technology. This painstaking process results in demand out-pacing the hand made production.

The Stenströms collection now encompasses many product groups, including Soft Jackets & Vests, Knitwear, Ties, Scarves, Cufflinks and more, with the same attention to meticulous construction and detail.

The Making of Stenstroms