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RAVAZZOLO is an Italian men’s clothing brand which is renowned in high-end fashion industry. A company founded in 1959.

Ravazzolo family’s sartorial history began in the early 1930s, when Giuseppe Ravazzolo launched his new craft business by gathering all the tailors of his hometown into a tiny workshop.

At the beginning of the 1950s, such tailor’s shop developed into a craft workshop that would eventually turn into an industrial tailoring business by the end of the decade. From that moment on, the main objective and purpose for Ravazzolo would be manufacturing garments which could be regarded as the highest expression of quality, inspired by Veneto’s professional ethics and sartorial tradition.

Great history and tradition which are rooted in a family that, over the years, has been able to transform its own name in a real luxury “brand”, proudly and exclusively made in Italy.

Nowadays, the firm constitutes a united and tight-knit group, run by managers, technicians and a team of highly skilled tailors, working in a well-organized environment, led by wise hands which, on a daily basis, find in their perfection and quality their strong points. A past rich in tradition and a watchful eye on the future, in order to always meet the demands of modern times.

The experience gained over the years has enabled Ravazzolo to continuously expand its range of products. And now, in addition to sartorial outerwear, RAVAZZOLO collections feature a vast array of products and a vertically-integrated offering of luxury items which have helped the brand establish itself as one of the best of Italy’s menswear fashion industry.

Each tailored suit made by Ravazzolo is delivered to the customer with three core elements: unique style, long-lasting consistency, and the ability to adapt to the physical makeup of the wearer. These three components culminate in the Bespoke Service: the epitome of perfect, luxury tailoring.

Nothing is left to chance in the creative process of making a suit. All the phases involve manual processes to be performed with the utmost care and attention: use of machinery is minimum and the management of the garment making process follows precise guidelines.

A good tailor has sure hands: they are his primary work tools, like the needle, pins, chalk, thread, scissors, measuring tape and a careful eye for detail. Passion alone is not enough: the tailor must be properly trained in garment making techniques.