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Oscar Jacobson … collections from Sweden with exquisite tailoring and European fashion for the discerning man Oscar Jacobson features a core business program, a seasonal ready-to-wear fashion tailored clothing collection, a formal program and a complete Golf and active program. Available in a variety of fits, the Oscar Jacobson collections are wearable by a variety of men appropriate in a variety of settings … enjoy our expression of this Swedish designer


Established in 1903, Oscar Jacobson (pronounced Oscar Yacobson) first produced work garments for the local market. Influenced by the innovation in the American automotive industry of standardization in production half way across the world, Oscar Jacobson championed a revolution in menswear … Ready-to-wear suits and jackets … to a world aware of only single production. The result was the affordable access of tailored clothing by a large audience and the successful adoption of suits and jackets into a variety of business work environments.

In the first half of the 20th century, Oscar Jacobson continued to innovate production techniques to increase the consistency of each garment with great success. Into the second half of the century, Oscar Jacobson focused on bringing luxury into the affordable realm, working with luxury mills and producers of fabrics and offering an exquisite luxury garment to a wider audience of men.

At the turn of this century, Oscar Jacobson has focused on providing a youthful expression to the luxury market … with the philosophy that a man need not be young to be youthful. On the contrary, the individual is encouraged to augment his exuberance with a air sophistication, experimenting with color, luxury fabrications, and expressive, yet comfortable silhouettes fashioned close to the body … the result is one that must be experienced by all men.


The Oscar Jacobson suit and jacket construction features a partial canvas construction, with a philosophy of employing the finest materials, such as horse hair canvas for the upper chest piece, the finest shoulder pad materials yielding a soft, comfortable feel to the wearer, and the finest of linings … all with a desire to provide the optimum value of construction quality, aesthetic, and price.