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Your appearance makes your first impression … the one that leaves others with a perception of who you are.
It expresses your mood, your confidence, your self-image and the effort you make in life.
How you care for yourself is a reflection of what you stand for.
Your appearance forms your state of mind.

Virtual meetings are our new reality and so now, more than ever, it is important to have an effective image.
An image that makes you feel like you’ve arrived with your best game
… just because you are not in the room does not mean you cannot command it.

Its an accepted fact that when you dress a certain way, you act a certain way,
and it is reflected in the way you speak the way you move and the way you present yourself and your ideas.

Clothing has an undeniable power over us
... wear it even if it is just from the waist up.

Getting married can feel overwhelming, being the groom does not mean just showing up on your wedding day. It means putting your best foot forward when you are standing in front of your beautiful bride. Don’t panic! We are wedding experts who have been outfitting grooms and bridal parties for seventy years. From start to finish, we will guide you through your whole suit buying process. We are here to make your whole groomswear experience easy, painless, and dare we say - even enjoyable.

You are getting married and you want to look your best. Book your wedding suit consultation with us and our experts will make sure you look and feel your best for your whole wedding day.

The process is a little different for every groom, but it usually starts with a simple email or phone call to book your completely complimentary consultation. You can come in alone, with your bride-to-be, your family, or groomsmen. We are going to keep you refreshed with a drink in hand and help you get down to the details.

Once we have figured out some of the finer points like the date, location, colors, flowers, (especially the color of the bride’s dress), we can get you into a suit that will work with every detail and compliment your physique. You get us the details and we will do the rest, making you feel like a boss on your special day.

From consultation and wedding day hosting to day-of pictures, we have thoughtful wedding packages for all your needs. Check out our packages below or get in touch and we will make sure you whole wedding experience is flawless from start to finish.