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In many instances, what you want and what you need can vary. You can easily end up purchasing that seemed great at the time, but invariably was the wrong thing to buy. At Formans, we consider those sales a failure. Our goal is to do everything we can to assist you in:

  • ensuring that the item fits the way it should ("everthing doesn't work for everyone"),
  • suiting the need of your occasions ("what is the right suit for that interview for a position in public relations, versus a position in finance"), 
  • that completes the outfit ... to ensure you look complete and leave nothing to chance
  • makes the statement you need to ("at the key corporate event ... or family function")
To that end, we encourage you to call or email us and allow us to make your purchase perfect ... before you expend your valuable time and effort in "trial and error shopping". 
As on-line tools, we have created a store wide fit guide and our mens size conversion chart
Helpful tips in processing your order

Tip 1. Adding an item to the cart:    

  • for the "Dimension" option, please select "Not Applicable" from the dropdown list before you select the size you are interested in

Tip 2. Narrowing down the item list:  

  • once you select your category from the top menu bar:
    • SIZE ... click on the size you require on the left ... the items shown will be available in your selected size. 
    • BRAND ... click on the brand of interest ... the items shown will be available in your selected brand.
    • PRICE ... click on the price group that suits your budget ... the items shown will be available in your selected price range.