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Formans Rewards Program

Over the past 50 years, relationships with our clients has been central to what we do, why we do it, and how we do what we do. As an appreciation of the relationship we strive to build with you, we have developed the Formans Rewards Program. We hope you will register and allow us to Reward you.

  • Every dollar you spend, be it in-store or on-line, earns a point. From time to time, we provide you with additional bonus points on particular items … so you earn your rewards faster
  • 2% of all your purchases will be contributed to a fund that we will administer to benefit various charity programs of importance to our community and our clients
  • Redeem your points on regular priced merchandise any time you wish. Your points do not expire. Points can be redeemed in-store only at this time. However, if you purchase only online, email us at and we will assist you with redeeming your Rewards points.
  • All Formans Rewards programs are administered by e-mail, and based on the criteria you selected when you register, you will be notified of Bonus Points Promotion by e-mail … or visit us on our website regularly, and stay in touch.
  • In addition, from time to time, you will receive an e-statement of your points balance. However, you may also contact us at any time and request your points balance
  • As this program grows, you will be notified of the improvements by email
Click here to Register for the Formans Rewards Program