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Fit Guide


Every Brand designs garments for various body types and fashion sensibility, and have created their own terminology.  When attempting to understand how that would fit on you, it can be confusing. As such, we have created 5 fit classes that we have added to the attribute of each garment that you will find on the product description page of each item we carry for which an interpretation is necessary. Please find our store-wide translations below:

  1. Extra Slim Fit - our slimmest fit for the very fashion minded. It is most appropriate for those with a slender physique.
  2. Regular Slim Fit -  is a fashion aware fit that fits most individuals searching for a fit that is both fashionable and wearable by most body types. It is generally close to the body.
  3. Modern Fit - is a fit that is designed for those who are seeking a commercial fit that is both fashionable, yet comfortable.
  4. Regular Fit - is a relaxed fit that is designed for individuals primarily seeking comfort.
  5. Classic Fit - is our most generous and conservative fit.
If you would like our assistance in helping you choose the best fit for you, please contact us by
  • emailing us at
  • calling us at 403.252.1189 x 2