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COVID-19 Best Practices

The corona virus has been indiscriminate, and the response from communities and nations has been unprecedented. As we all adjust to changes in lifestyle and modify our activities, we must be prudent while we seek to normalize our lives.

Opening by Appointment Only – We are providing private appointments with a member of our team, during which time the store will be closed to the public.
This will limit the exposure you have and serves to increase your safety

Washing Hands – As each client arrives, we have provided a facility to wash their hands. Our staff are washing their hands before, after, and during each appointment

Disinfecting – All common surfaces, such as door handles, countertops and technology, including pin pads, computer keyboards, mice, and phones, are disinfected between each appointment

Fitting Rooms – We are rotating fitting rooms for client use, allowing for a 3-hour time separation recommended by most Health Organizations

Try-on Management – Each item that is tried on by a client is removed from the sales floor for a period of 4 hours to allow ample time for COVID-19 degradation.
Additionally, we are Steaming try-on and returned/exchanged clothing to facilitate denaturing of viruses

Cologne Testers – have been removed from the sales floor as a precaution

As new suggestions by the health and scientific community are revealed, our team is staying informed in effort to protect our clients, staff, and the community at large.