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Caruso is an Italian brand: Italy is its cultural foundation and shapes its mission.
Founded by a Neapolitan Bespoke Tailor in 1958, Caruso is truly Italian by heritage, and that Italian tradition continues in all its products, which are 100% made in Italy by the company’s 600 skilled seamstresses and master tailors for elegant Italians. Italy has been and remains Caruso’s core market.
Caruso is a sartorial brand by definition.
It is sartorial because its core product is the man’s tailored suit, because it employs only full-canvas construction that also entails many hours of hand finishing, and because it manufactures one thousand custom suits and jackets every month.
Caruso is a luxury brand that delivers superior value and service.
It is luxurious because of the unique quality of its materials and processes, because it provides its best value (quality/price ratio) at the high-end of the range, and because it has only one product line that is aimed at its elite clientele.
Caruso is a modern brand that constantly evolves its style, materials, and technique.
It is modern because it reflects the timeless tenets of men’s tailored elegance and, at the same time, because each season it experiments with hundreds of new shapes, researches and develops new fabrics, and adapts technological advances to traditional processes.