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First, strip back and focus on the essentials. Then, create complexity through overlayering and repetition. That’s the core concept that inspires Baldessarini for menswear.

The repetitive structures of nature, including the patterns of fractal geometry, radiate calmness and harmony. They’re explored consciously and unconsciously both in art and broader life. For example, cult estonian ​ Classical composer Arvo Pärt follows the same principles in his music, building complex sound structures From simple origins.

This focus on essentials, on simplicity – turned through repetition into highly sophisticated style – is a defining Feature of the new season, proposing a new concept of luxury.

Breaks in material and form are deliberately introduced, both to direct attention to essential features and to create a special kind of sartorial tension. Check out the fractal allover patterns and the wintery fine stripes that respond to these ideas. Hybrid style is explored, blending natural and technical fibers, bringing together formal tailoring and athleisure looks. Note the refined details such as new band collars for shirts and leather trimmings.

The color palette based on brown and gray-blue tones is complemented by a range of natural green and muted red shades. Natural surfaces are celebrated, contrasting with technical qualities. The finest suitings meet heavier weight coat fabrics. Luxury is emphasized in knitwear with new cashmere blends including a deluxe alpaca-silk-cashmere.

Slim-fit suits lead the way for tailoring, with an emphasis on unconstructed style, natural comfort and stretch For travel. It’s the same message for jackets, with a choice of soft and brushed fabrics, bouclés and moulinés, knits and jerseys. The new coats come in more relaxed shapes, with the addition of double-breasted styles making an impact this season.

Jeanswear has been radically reworked to emphasize sustainability, with all fabrics produced and washed in Europe. There’s a focus on exceptional innovation, including new fabrics containing lycra T-400® fiber. jersey draws inspiration from the athleisure trend but always chic and dressed up.

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